Habbe Marwaridi

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Checks leucorrhoea and metritis. Strengthens the chief organs of the body. Removes general debility.


Each 125 mg pill contains:

Ambra grasea (Ambar Ashab) 5.68 mg

Mytilus margaritiferus (Marwareed) 5.68 mg

Strychnos Nux-vomica, Detoxified (Azaraqi Mudabbar) 22.73 mg

Quercus infectoria (Mazu Mohraq) 22.73 mg

Sodii biboras (Tankar Neem Biryan) 22.73 mg

Pistacia lentiscus (Mastagi) 45.45 mg

Rosa damascena Distillate (Arq Gulab) q.s.

INDICATIONS : Leucorrhoea, metritis and general debility.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : Not to be given during pregnancy.


DOSAGE : One pill with milk or 20 ml. Arq Amber in the morning and evening. In summers it should be given only with water.

DIETARY ADVICE : Greasy, sour, spicy, rich and flatulent producing food should be avoided in the diet.

PRESENTATION : In packs of 20 pills.

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